How Institutional Players Can Enter the Real Estate Crowdfunding Game

Institutional Crowdfunding, Real Estate Crowdfunding, GroundBreaker

by David Drake The real estate crowdfunding marketplace has been dominated by young tech entrepreneurs from the start.  These entrepreneurs leverage technology and the internet to bring this new innovation  to mainstream real estate investing. Lately, the appearance of institutional players onto the marketplace is altering the industry in a profound way. Institutional players have alluded to […]

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Sharestates On Becoming the E-Trade of Real Estate

Sharestates Real Estate Crowdfunding E-Trade

With interest rates continuing to be low, investors are increasingly turning to real estate in their quest for superior returns. However, traditionally, retail investors have found it difficult to find real estate investment opportunities which have been the exclusive domain of investment managers and well-connected high net worth individuals. Retail investors have been forced to […]

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Equity-based Crowdfunding for Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa

Crowdfunding Weissenhaus Village Resort Companisto

Companisto, one of the top online crowdfunding platforms in Europe, was able to invest over EUR 1.4 million in the exceptional five-star resort Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa within just a few days. The money was raised from investors after the project had been initiated by its major investor, Jan Henric Buettner, who is […]

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